FLASHBACK EVENT deals with organizing events and renting out the studios of Flashback Photo Company for events. The spaces of the Studio can be used in many ways due to their unique appearance. The 400 sqm, 4 meters high studio space is located on the top floor of a onetime hosiery factory building that provides an exclusive loft atmosphere with its enormous windows, exposed brick walls and industrial columns and serves as the perfect location for any events, whether it is a conference, a complete wedding ceremony or a party. There is no prevalent volume limit within the factory area, which makes the studio space suitable for events with loud music. 

The upper floor facilities include a separate dressing room, an equipped kitchen, women’s and men’s room, makeup room and a shower. To facilitate the transportation a weight lift is available and the industrial power network allows the installation of professional sound and light technology. With the help of subcontractors, we can ensure the full execution of the events by request, may it be interior styling, catering or light and sound technology.